As of 10 May 2022
*Please note the event schedule is subject to change.

Sun.1 May-Sat.14 May
- Health check -


Mon.9 May-Fri.13 May
online Race Briefing(Japanese/English/Para) -


Sat.14 May
16:00-18:00 Mechanic Service Yamashita Park / Transition Area
16:00-18:00 Bike Check-in Yamashita Park / Transition Area


Sun.15 May
05:00 LOC Meeting Hotel New Grand(Phoenix Room)
05:00-20:00 LOC Office Hotel New Grand(Phoenix Room)
06:00-17:00 Media Center / Media Registration Hotel New Grand(Rainbow
Ball Room)
06:00 Age group Registration-para/standard distance Yamashita Park
06:00 Transition Open Yamashita Park / Transition Area
06:00-15:00 Mechanic Service Yamashita Park
06:00-15:10 Baggage Strage Open Yamashita Park
07:00 Road Closed Race Course
07:15 Age group Race-Para Race Course
08:40 Age group Registration-relay Yamashita Park
08:00 Age group Race-standard distance Race Course
08:30 Bike pick up Yamashita Park / Transition Area
09:00 Age group Registration-sprint distance Yamashita Park
10:20 Age group Race-relay Race Course
11:10 Age group Race-sprint distance Race Course
14:00 Medal Ceremony Yamashita Park / Podium
14:00 Road Open Race Course
08:00-15:00 Yokohama Triathlon Festival ZOU-NO-HANA Park