Accommodation Plan for Elite Athletes
To make your hotel reservations, please contact the official travel agency JTB via the following access site.
JTB accommodation site:
The Yokohama WTS LOC will contribute up to US$250.00 of accommodation reimbursement to each athlete through their National Federations. National Federations will need to submit the hotel room invoice to JTB after the event and before June 1, 2020 (Monday).
Invoice contents:
- Name of National Federation and the person in charge.
- E-mail address of the National Federation.
- Address of the National Federation.
- Total number of the racing athletes and their names.
- Total amount to be paid.
International bank details:
- Beneficiary Bank
- Bank Address
- Bank Account Number
- SWIFT Number
- Branch Name
- Beneficiary Name
For further information or questions, please contact JTB . (Japan Travel Bureau).
JTB E-mail address :