Visa Letter

Visa Letter

If you require a letter to assist with your visa application to enter Japan for the purpose of participating in the Yokohama event, please contact the LOC ( with the following information (please note that only those who are fully affiliated with ITU and have the reason to request an invitation letter for the Yokohama event should contact us):

  1. Name as it appears on your passport:
  2. Date of birth:
  3. Age as of December 31, 2020:
  4. Gender:
  5. Passport number:
  6. Passport expiration date:
  7. Country where the passport was issued:
  8. National Federation:
  9. Role (i.e. Athlete; Coach, etc.):
10. Length of Stay in Japan:
11. Accommodation during the Yokohama event:
12. Date of arrival in Japan:
13. Date of departure from Japan:
14. Email address to send invitation letter:
15. Postal address to send invitation letter:

Please refer to the following website for the outline of visa application procedure in Japan:

Since the procedure and the time required for the visa application vary by country, please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country for more details:

- Yokohama LOC’s policy of assisting with invitation letters for the purpose of taking part in the Yokohama event is compliant with ITU EOM: 3.2.2. Visa Application.