Visa Letter

If you wish to obtain a Japanese entry visa to participate in the Yokohama event, please send the following information. Yokohama LOC is compliant according to ITU EOM・ 3.2.2. Visa Application. Visa issuance methods and the processing period vary by country. In general the visa examination takes more than two weeks. For details, please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.


ITU World Triathlon Yokohama

Application contents

1. Name as it appears on your passport
2. Date of birth
3. Age as of December 31, 2018
4. Sex
5. Passport number
6. Passport expiration date
7. Passport issuing country
8. Nationality Federation
9. Position (coach, athlete, etc.)
10. Length of Stay in Japan
11. Accommodation Hotel during the Yokohama event
12. Date of arrival to Japan
13. Date of departure from Japan
14. Email address to send invitation letter
15. Postal address to send invitation letter


ITU・EOM 3.2.2. Visa Application
a) The LOC must contact their country’s Customs and Immigration Department and determine the following:
* Which countries require a visa to enter the host country?
* The location of the consulate or embassy of those countries requiring a visa.
b)  The LOC must then publish this important visa information on the event website and on
c)  Upon request for Visa invitation letters, the LOC must first contact ITU to determine whether the athlete or the official requesting the information is fully affiliated with ITU and has a reason to request an invitation to attend the particular event.
d)  ITU will then provide a template of an invitation letter in English to be used by the LOC. The LOC will be responsible for the appropriate translation of this letter when necessary.
e)  ITU must be copied (cc’d) on all visa letters.

Please contact 2017 World Triathlon Series Yokohama( any questions.